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The situation in Myanmar will undoubtedly be influenced by the outcome of the first elections in 20 years, which are scheduled for November 2010. The first quarter of 2011 is expected to be a period when the humanitarian and development community establish a dialogue with the evolving administrative structures of the new Government. UNHCR is hopeful that it will be able to build on its existing agreements for operations in Myanmar's northern Rakhine State and in the south-east of the country during this period.

In northern Rakhine State, interventions by the authorities, with UNHCR's support, following the severe flooding in mid-June 2010 and a subsequent focus on infrastructure development, were positive moves by the Government in this region, which hosts 750,000 Muslim residents without citizenship. The increase in the number of temporary registration cards being issued to this population and their participation in the elections could be seen as first steps by the Government towards addressing their status.

In the south-east, the conflict along the Thai-Myanmar border has continued since independence in 1948. While some groups have signed ceasefire agreements with the Government and are currently being transformed into the official Myanmar Border Guard Force, the armed conflict and its negative impact on the local population continue. The conflict has claimed many lives and displaced up to 500,000 people, either across the border into Thailand or to safer areas within Myanmar.

With the agreement of the Government of Myanmar, UNHCR established an operation in the south-east in 2004 and has gradually gained access to areas of displacement. Despite the large area of operations, the remoteness of the locations to be covered and security constraints, protection and essential humanitarian assistance have been delivered to communities in 21 townships. UNHCR has received indications from the Government that an expansion of the programme would be needed in 2011.

The needs

Recent comprehensive needs assessments by UNHCR show that the approximately 750,000 Muslim residents without citizenship in the three townships of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung of northern Rakhine State still require humanitarian assistance to ensure access to basic public services, such as education, health, water and sanitation.

UNHCR continues to intervene at all levels of the Government in order to address restrictions on freedom of movement, a lack of marriage and birth rights, and land confiscation. It also addresses protection issues that arise as a result of cultural practices by working with community and religious leaders, women, children and other vulnerable groups. UNHCR is increasing its focus on programmes that promote peaceful coexistence between the Muslim and Rakhine communities.

In south-eastern Myanmar, UNHCR provides humanitarian assistance to mitigate the effects of displacement on communities. These communities lack essential public services such as health centres and clean water, as well as shelter, protection and livelihood support. The projects focus on the construction and rehabilitation of basic infrastructure. Other projects, such as shelter interventions, target vulnerable individuals and families, including female-headed households. Additional needs include mine risk education, as well as livelihood opportunities.

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